Hollings Christmas Turkey and Cranberry Filled Hoof


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Hollings Filled Hoof Turkey Cranberry

Most of us like to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with a complete meal. So, why not serve the same, delicious flavours of turkey and cranberries to your dog as well? These Hollings Filled Hoof Dog Treats are made from real meat to present your dog with a festive meal in a healthy way. To tempt your dog to be indulged in enjoying natural dog treats you can get these cow hooves for dogs. They are prepared in a way that any dog, irrespective of its size and breed, can enjoy chewing them. These cow hooves dog treats are prepared to add more fun to your dogs playtime with a delicious, meaty filling on the inside including air-dried turkey meat and cranberries.

This offers two things for your dogs health – one, it has something to keep it busy for hours, and two, it has something healthy. In addition to the cow hoof, this meaty filling is made from ingredients that are flavourful and full of essential nutrients. These cow hooves dog chews deliver rich sources of calcium and phosphorus to help support your dogs bones and muscles, along with its oral and digestive health. The only thing to remember with such Hollings dog treats is that they may have splinters, so you must always supervise while your dog enjoys these treats.


Beef, Meat & Animal Derivatives, Wheat


Oils & Fats (30%), Protein (30%), Moisture (7%), Crude Fibre (6%), Crude Ash (1%)

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