Stud Muffins Horse Christmas Pudding 400g


  • Limited edition Christmas pudding flavoured treats.
  • Hand-made with care and devotion, fortified with extra protein and flax seeds ensuring they are heal.
  • Packaged in Christmas themed box.

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Limited edition Christmas Pudding flavour Packed in a re-sealable bag Promote a healthy, shiny coat Handmade in Scotland Stud Muffins Christmas Pudding Treatsare back for a limited time only! These festive Stud Muffins are incredibly popular and ridiculously tasty (or so our hooved friends tell us!). Containing a host of wholesome ingredients including oats, wheat, barley and fortified with linseed and fenugreek, ensuring they are as tasty as they are healthy. Finished off with a special Christmas Pudding flavour (they smell amazing too!) and whats more they help to promote a shiny, healthy coat.

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