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Spillers Ulca Fibre 20kg

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Products benefits
  • Ultra-low starch, low sugar fibre feed ideal for horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers or requiring a low starch diet.
  • Proven* to help support horses prone to gastric ulcers following veterinary treatment.
  • Includes soft short chopped alfalfa to extend eating time and provide a natural buffer to stomach acid.
  • High in oil for slow release energy to fuel optimum condition and performance.
  • High in vitamin E the most important antioxidant to support immune and muscle health.
  • High in quality protein including lysine to support muscle development and performance.
  • Includes a full range of added vitamins and minerals including chelated copper, zinc and manganese to help maximise absorption.
  • A highly versatile feed that can be fed on its own or in addition to a suitable low starch compound feed such as SPILLERS™ Ulca Power Cubes.


Nutritional Specification
Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)12.5
Oil (%)10.0
Protein (%)15.0
Fibre (%)23.0
Starch (%)5.0
Sugar (%)4.0
Vitamin A (iu/kg)14000
Vitamin D3 (iu/kg)2000
Vitamin E (iu/kg)450
Selenium (mg/kg)0.50
Copper (mg/kg)45
Zinc (mg/kg)125


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Weight20 kg


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