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Pettex Roman Aquarium Gravel

With a large range of natural, coloured and sand gravels Pettex Roman Aquatic Gravels are the perfect way to enhance the look of your aquarium.

  • Suitable for all types of aquariums including coldwater, tropical and marine
  • Increased surface area allows for improved anaerobic activity
  • Makes the perfect planting medium due to its finer size
  • Suitable for bottom feeders and barbed fish


Pettex Roman Aquatic Gravel is the perfect way to enhance the visual impact of your tank. With their striking colours and unusual shapes our gravels are sure to give your aquarium the wow factor!

Planting Medium

Due to the finer size of the coloured and sand gravels in the Roman Aquatic Range the planting of tropical ecosystems is made simple and easy.

Fish Suitability

Suitable for all types of aquariums, including coldwater, tropical and marine, our gravels can also be utilised in aquariums that are home to bottom feeders and barbed fish.

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