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Paws Made™ Paws Pocket The Ultimate Version! -Petal Ball Extra Long SBM Bungee and Sheep

Paws Made™ toys are designed here in the UK by us.

Offering a high value toy for reward based training games with a great range of toys to choose from suiting many different dogs whether it be food or tug toys your doggos love.

The Paws Pocket has to be by far our most successful toy in the Paws Made Range. To make the already existing PawsPocket even better we have combined some of the most popular attributes of our other Paws Made toys!

We have added our Small BUT Mighty Extra Long Bungee being our Small But Mighty Bungee this allows lots of natural movement due to its light weight design. The extra length of the bungee allows us to bring out our dogs natural instinct to chase and play! Combined with sheepskin and then the Paws Pocket below. The sheepskin adds extra drive and taps into our dogs natural prey instinct to chase and interact and if that is not enough the Paws Pocket holds treats too!

All of these components combined make this the Ultimate Paws Pocket!!!

Sizing: Paws Pocket – Small sheep Bar Area (may vary) – 18x4cm

Total Length – 150cm

All sizes are approximates and may be subject to change dependant on stock as natural materials are used

Colours: may vary and will be chosen at random.

Please do not leave your dogs unattended with any Paws Made™ toy , as these are designed to be a interactive toy between you and your dog .

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