Paws Made Bungee Fleece High Reward Training


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Paws Made™ Bungee Fleece with Real Fur Approx 90cm Rabbit/Sheep Fur High Reward Dog Puppy Training

A Paws Made Sport Bungee combined with a series of 3 pieces fleece with some real fur sewn into them and then plaitted into a tug toy on a bungee and a knotted end measuring between 80-90cm in length.

Unlike most fleece tugs with fur you may see on the market the fur used in these is not only intertwined with the plaitte but it is also sewn onto the fleece to try and maximise the durability as best possible.

This is a great edition to our handle fleece tug adding the fur for even more reaward for your dog.

These may include rabbit or sheep intertwined and sewn within the plaitte.

*Colours vary and will chosen at random*

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