Mikki Dog Boot


To help prevent infection by keeping your dog’s injury clean and dry.

Easy to fit with elasticated support straps & Velcro fastenings.

  • Made from weather proof material
  • Reinforced non-slip sole for extra grip


Our Mikki dog boot can be used for foot protection whilst out exercising or to cover a foot dressing or wound protection. It has a bonded vinyl upper with a non slip PVC sole making it ideal for post-operation wear. Secure snuggly with the Velcro fastening, making sure it is not too tight.

The sizing allows for your dog to wear a dressing. Select a size down if your dog is not wearing a dressing.


Size 00 – Suitable for Chihuahuas or miniature breeds
Size 0 – Suitable for Cavalier Spaniels, Yorkies, Miature Dacshunds, Miniature Poodles
Size 1 – Suitale for Dacshunds, Jack Russells, Westies, Whippets
Size 2 – Suitable for Beeagles, Cocker Spaniels, Staffies, Standard Poodles, Springer Spaniels
Size 3 – Suitable for Boxers, Doberman, German Shepherds, Labradors, Retrievers, Setters
Size 4 – Suitable for Rottweillers, Wolfhounds, Pyreans, Bloodhounds
Size 5 – Great Danes, St. Bernards

This product contains one weatherproof dog boot for temporary protection of an injured paw. It is not intended for prolonged use.

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