House Of Paws Christmas Rope Tree Lights


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Why not treat your dog this festive season with their very own Christmas lights!

Keeping them off your Christmas tree, this cute Christmas dog toy is ideal for games of fetch and tug of war. The durable cotton rope is great for tugging and thrashing, and contains various colourful baubles attached to the rope for added stimulation!

  • Squeaker in each bauble
  • Tough knot rope
  • Unique festive design
  • Multi-Textured
  • Adorable & cute!


44cm (height)


Not recommended for puppies under 36 weeks or dogs that extensively chew. Regularly examine the toy for wear and tear and replace when appropriate. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys. This is a dog’s toy, not a children’s toy. Please choose toys appropriately for your dog, based on size and chewing habits. This toy is not indestructible.

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