Feliway Classic Diffuser 48ml


Feliway Classic Kitten and Cat Pheromone Diffuser and Refill Starter Kit 48ml

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Feliway is the world’s leading cat behaviour product scientifically proven to help stop and prevent unwanted behaviours in cats.

The use of Feliway’s facial pheromone has been scientifically proven with 18 published clinical papers support the use of feliway to help support kittens and cats with everyday challenging situations such as changes in environment, multi-cat tension and scratching and spraying.

Feliway is trusted and used by vets, charities and expert behaviourists to help unwanted cat behaviours and help reduce stress.

Cat owners regularly tell us that when their cats are exposed to Feliway, they seem to be more happy and relaxed.

Feliway makes a difference in cat loving homes.

The Feliway Diffuser continuously releases the comforting facial pheromone throughout the home.

The diffuser is ideal to prevent or stop indoor urine spray marking, vertical scratch marking or conflicts between cats sharing a household.

Using a Feliway diffuser before stressful events such as building work/redecorating, moving home, arrival of a new baby or pet, returning from a cattery stay or vet visit, will help your cat cope and prevent any unwanted behaviour occurring.

The diffuser will last approximately 4 weeks and covers 50-70m2.

The diffuser acts as further support to Feliway Spray in scratching and urine spray marking.

Suitable for all cats from kitten upwards.

Ingredients: F3 feline facial pheromone analogue 2%, excipient q.s 100g.

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