Burgess Long Stem Feeding Hay 1kg


Burgess Long Stem Feeding Hay 1kg

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Open the bag of Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay, which is especially for rabbits, and breathe in the fresh, sweet smelling aroma. This nutritious Hay is enticingly sweet and wonderfully tasty. Your little furry friends will love you forever if you pop a bundle of this hay into their cage.

Timothy Hay also known as meadow cat’s-tail or common cat’s tail is a perennial grass native to Europe and is enjoyed by a variety of animals for its flavour and texture. This particular hay has been grown specifically for feeding by Yorkshire Farriers and is cut at full bloom when it is lush, green and long. It is then carefully barn-dried and dust extracted to help maintain respiratory health.

It is high in fibre and helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. Hay should make up the bulk of a rabbit’s diet as small animals enjoy grazing throughout the day and having a good old forage which provides mental stimulation. Fresh greens should also be included for a completely balanced nutritious diet. Rodents have front teeth that grow continuously and need to be checked often to ensure that they are not causing a problem. This problem is usually sorted out by having something crunchy to chew on. If your pet is having problems with his teeth, please take him to a vet to have his teeth looked at. Since munching takes up most of a small animal’s time you can be sure Timothy Hay will be well received as it is wonderfully nutritious and irresistibly tasty to eat. Look after your furry friend and he will be full of life. Go on, brighten up your rabbit’s day with this crunchy munchy bag of hay.

Suitable for Rabbits, but also Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and other small pets.

Please ensure there is plenty of clean, fresh water available.

Feeding Guide:
Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay is a complementary feed for rabbits. It should be fed freely and provided fresh each day together with a variety of fresh greens for a complete and balanced diet for essential vitamins and minerals.

Timothy Hay 100%

Analytical Constituents:
Beneficial Fibre 63%, Crude Protein 8%, Crude Oils and Fats 1.8%, Crude Ash 7%, Sodium 0.00%,

Store in a dry place.

Please ensure there is plenty of fresh, clean water available.

Size: 1kg

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