Boredom Breaker Bird Toys Assorted 3 Pack


Assorted Small Bird Toys 3 pack

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The Rosewood Pet Boredom Breaker Small Bird Toy set promotes active and fun play in your feathery friend.
It includes three colourful objects to accommodate a canary or other small bird. This pet bird toy assortment is durable to withstand the constant pecking and clawing motions associated with its use without cracking or breaking.

Rosewood Pet Boredom Breaker Assorted Small Bird Toy, 3-Piece:

  • Sturdy and durable construction to prevent splintering
  • The small pet toy features bright colors and bells to attract attention
  • Includes a mirrored piece for your companion to admire their image
  • Ideal for smaller pets like canaries and budgies

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