Animal Instincts Comfort Crate



Specially designed to promote hygiene and safety when in use as well as ensuring comfort and security for your pet, the Animal Instincts Comfort Crate has a range of features making it ideal for house training, travel and a safe and secure place for your pet to rest and sleep.

Quick and easy to assemble, the Animal Instincts Comfort Crate has a compact, fold away design making it convenient to store when not in use. It features a moulded ergonomic handle should you wish to transport your pet, and is designed with a long lasting coated steel construction to ensure strength and durability.

With lockable front and side doors (NB: Size 0 only has one door at the front, no side door), the Animal Instincts Comfort Crate is easy to use, and comes complete with a perfectly fitted removable plastic tray promoting hygiene and making cleaning of your pet crate quicker and easier.

Quick and easy to assemble
A fold flat design for convenient storing when not in use
With a moulded ergonomic handle for comfort when carrying
With01 x 44 x 51cm
Size 2 – 77 x 48 x 55cm
Size 3 – 92 x 58 x 65cm
Size 4 – 109 x 71 x 78cm
Size 5 – 123 x 76 x 83cm

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Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5


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